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Podcasts on headphones

March 26, 2024 — ~marmar22

I’ve never got the trend of podcasts or audiobooks before. I usually set my phone’s volume to the max and try to enjoy it while doing the dishes, but the sound is muffled due to background noise and loss of quality when putting the volume to max.

Some months pass and I have a nice bluetooth headphone gifted to me. It’s miles better than my laptop and phone’s speakers, so that’s something. You can really listen to the bass on songs. I decide to try listening on a podcast to see how it is, and now I can see how people actually enjoy this.

Even without Active Noise Cancellation enabled (my ears feel like it was about to pop with ANC, don’t know how people like it), it blocks background noise decently for me to listen. Plus, being a wireless headphone means that the volume doesn’t diminish while I’m walking as it just stays near my ears, overall giving an immersive experience.

So if you feel like podcasting or audiobooks aren’t your thing, try using headphones to listen to them. You might end up liking them after all.

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A try on digital minimalism

March 13, 2024 — ~marmar22

I had tried minimising my screen time countless times, so I’m trying something akin to an accountability book this time around. In this book: - I have to do an entry I want to open my phone/laptop for any specific purposes - Add other things if I accidentally open it (e.g. YouTube, social media)

Hope that this is going to last. Currently on my second day and it’s getting frustating adding all the entries.

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On Time Management and Assignments

November 24, 2023 — ~marmar22

It is a given that when you enroll in a university, you have to do more self-learning than what you’d do in high school because the lecture is just an ephemeral beginning to make you understand the topic. Unfortunately, I don’t have the discipline to make time for it.

I don’t know the exact reason, but I never really had a grasp on time management, even today. Sure, I know how to do time blocking, to-do lists and the like, but I never got around to actually use it for its intended purpose. 9 times out of 10, I wrote it on a piece of paper or book and never looked at it again until the day’s over, having more things to put on the list.

In this torrent of assignments and deadlines, I’m still trying to find the balance, hoping for days calmer.

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Website update

October 05, 2023 — ~marmar22

So after procrastinating this for so long, I finally started some progress on my website (yay!). I decided on pure html+css because I want to see how to do website design on my own (it’s bad).

The html is done somewhat, just trying to do the dreaded css for now.

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Starting on tilde.team

July 06, 2023 — ~marmar22

Hello there everyone, I’ll be using this spot on the web to do some experimentations (hopefully) on web design and whatnot. The main page is still on the planning stage so it’ll take a while before it becomes a resume worthy profile.

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